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Thread: 2014 Jeep Cherokee Diesel Pricing Announced

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    Hopefully the engine up charge may get reduced when they get more vehicles using the same powertrain. Two have now been confirmed.
    2006 JEEP Liberty Diesel
    Greendieselengineering tune
    Synthetic fluids for protection!

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    So everyone is comparing the base V6 GC to the Diesel GC and saying it's not worth it??? Double You Tee Eff???

    The diesel is going to trounce the V6 fuel economy with V8 power. The driving dynamics are going to be so much better as well; both around town and on the highway. The V6 while a good engine was made for a car, not a 4000+ lb truck. It's adequate with the proper gearing, but nothing like the low down 400+ 'lbs the diesel will have.

    Also, the cost of the additive is not even a real cost. I'm sure you'll use 1-1.5 gallons every 8-10K miles. At 4$/gallon OH SNAP!!! DEAL BREAKER RIGHT THERE!!!

    I'm sure with conservative driving 30 MPG; even the 4x4, will be seen real world. Our EPA fuel economy cycle is not favorable to diesel vehicles. Now I'm sure if you try you can get much worse, but diesels respond well to being babied. No boost = big jump in economy.

    I drive a 2013 VW Passat TDi and it has sold me on diesel. It's rated at 31/43 and the worst I've ever gotten is 44 and the best was my last tank... 47.4 MPG and 830 miles on the tank (17.5 gallons). I drive it very conservative and 80% hwy with the cruise set at 67, but for that kind of return why not??? I would expect the GC diesel to respond the same way (assuming the torgue wasn't too much fun and I could keep my foot out of it).

    Another thing to consider is not new v6 GC to diesel GC, but compare to what you drive now. For instance if we pull the trigger on the GC it will be replacing an 04 Z71 tahoe that my wife routinely turns in 13.5 MPG. So 13.5 vs 28 (she has a lead foot and drives mostly city). In 15,000 miles/year that's 1111/ gallons year in the Tahoe and 535 /gallons year in the diesel GC. Who cares about the cost when you can save 576 gallons of fuel a year (and have more power to boot). That's nearly 2900 gallons over 5 years (that's over $10k @ 3.50/gallon). In other words, I'd get nearly the first 5 years of my diesel fuel for free (2675 gallons used x 4.10/gallon=$10,967 vs 2900 gallons not used x 3.50/gallon=$10,150) over driving the tahoe. So my only real cost would be the difference between the cost of the note/insurance.

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    Dealer called today
    Expect to be able to order Diesel in April with a June delivery
    Will call me back when he can see final pricing for orders
    Sold 3 regular fuel jeeps this week

    Would like to seem more commentary comparing diesel to the 5.7 Hemi

    Concerned about driving difference and cost to operate.

    On the cost to operate side, watch Truck U , had section on diesel, issues seem to be on fuel quality(water), air intake, and keeping the internal engine clean.

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    I'm starting to see 2014 Jeeps appear on Ebay now actually on dealer lots. I really like the new design..

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    Diesel Pros for me:
    Way better towing than V6 and V8.
    More fun to drive than V6.
    Better mpg than V8 and V6
    Longevity- I will keep this for at least 10 years. Maybe I'll never get rid of it.
    I drive 25K+ miles/year so at least I will be saving $ on gas- as of late here diesel has been 40-75 cents cheaper/gallon than regular. Even in the winter, diesel is only 10-15% more per gallon.
    The exhaust notes sound really nice from what I've been told.
    Can go longer between oil changes.
    improved resale if needed

    All that being said, the diesel is great for me but I understand those who strictly look at it as a financial decision. If that's the only reason you're getting a diesel you probably shouldn't get it.

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