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  1. Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
    Having an issue with my 2014 GC eco diesel. Push start ignition. I press the start button and the engine doesn’t turn over but the ignition is set to “run” setting. The battery is at 12v which I think is normal. When I pump the breaks 3x and push ignition again it goes out of run mode and shuts...
  2. Grand Cherokee Diesel Purchasing
    Hello, I’m totally new to forums so bare with me but I found a diesel 2014 Grand Cherokee Summit for sale that has 111,000 miles on it, should I worry about the miles? Also anything I should look for other than the catalytic converter issues? I put a lot of miles on in a year so should I look...
  3. Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
    I’m considering buying a Grand Cherokee and interested in the diesel option. However I’m afraid from reading all the negative posts on forums about the ‘14 models. Have these been worked out through warranty/recalls/updates or is this model year still giving owners lots of problems? Should I...
1-3 of 3 Results