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  1. Haven't done the AEM yet...should I?

    Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
    Love this forum...thanks to all who leave great info. I've been following the AEM mess here and am lucky to have resisted the $3K temptation. For background, we're retired and the primary use of our 2014 JGC Ecodiesel is towing a 5000 lb travel trailer on (usually) long trips, 2-3 months and 12K...
  2. Ecodiesel Class Action Lawsuit help

    Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
    I am an owner of a 2014 Ecodiesel and have a few questions that hopefully some of you will have some input on. I was considering updating the truck with a newer model and a dealer told me I might want to hang on to it in light of the lawsuit and the generous VW settlements. Also, we will soon...
  3. Ecodiesel Check Engine Light P20EE and P1288

    Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
    I have a 2015 Jeep Ecodiesel I've had new since 10/16. Just under 25000 miles. Had my first CEL in January. It was P2BA9 (bad def detected). It was -25f that week, and I was making small trips. It cleared up on it own. Today I was about 55 miles from home and P20EE came in, then shortly after a...