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  1. Parts ID and Location.

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    Guys, I’m tired of my GC going to the stealership. They keep it for a week or more. Then 2 weeks later something else futzes up. Went a whole month this time but now CEL is on with intake manifold runner position sensor/switch. I can’t find the damn thing anywhere. Have it tuned to where EGR is...
  2. Ecodiesel DPF delete and tune

    Grand Cherokee Diesel Peformance
    HI guys, I am new to this site and I have never posted on a forum before. Anyways, today I have finally purchased a 60hp tune with deletes, an OBD2 monitor, cold air intake, and I'm still debating on going with banks monster exhaust or afe's exhaust system. Now, I am aware that it is against...