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  1. 2014 GC Summit

    Grand Cherokee Diesel Purchasing
    Hello, I’m totally new to forums so bare with me but I found a diesel 2014 Grand Cherokee Summit for sale that has 111,000 miles on it, should I worry about the miles? Also anything I should look for other than the catalytic converter issues? I put a lot of miles on in a year so should I look...
  2. New Brakes for 2014 GC

    Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
    75k miles and its time for some new brakes for my 2014 Diesel Grand Cherokee. I know enough about cars that usually just gets me in trouble. I was wondering what are some good Aftermarket brakes out there or what are the OEM brakes used? when i was searching i was getting conflicting information...
  3. JGC Ecodiesel jolting downshift when stopping

    Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
    Hi all, I was testing out a JGC with ecodiesel today at the dealership and I noticed that when i came to a stop there was an abrupt downshift (jolting). It happened a few times but not at every stop. It reminded me of when one shifts a manual and does not ease the car into the gear but slams...