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    Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
  2. Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
    I've enjoyed my JGC for over 200k miles. Just noticed the distinct odor of coolant from under the hood. Had the dealer pressure test it and found that the oil cooler is the culprit. Not seeing any oil in the engine, but there is plenty of sludge in the coolant reservoir. Does anyone have...
  3. Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
    Hi guys, Just got this 15 GC Overland with 175000km. The diffs aren't making noise but I do think they will maybe soon. I'm assuming they still have the original fluid inside. My question is should I change the fluid or is it to late to change and with cause issues if I do?? Thanks in advance
  4. Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
    I have found the TSB relating to the change of 2016 eco models from 530 to 540 Mopar is recommending AMSoil Premium 5W-40 Synthetic Diesel Oil However I have read a lot about just going to Shell Rotella T6 5W40 CJ-4/SM vs CK-4 Which one are you using?
  5. Grand Cherokee Diesel Peformance
    Hello all, I'm the newest addition to the diesel Jeep world, yesterday I bought a 2007 Grand Cherokee CRD with the Mercedes 3.0 engine. I already have a Jetta TDI and 7.3L diesel F250 and do most of my own maintenance... I was really stoked about the jeep until I looked closer at that Mercedes...
1-5 of 5 Results