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  1. Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
    So, I have an issues with my wife’s 14 grand Cherokee summit eco diesel. She noticed one day that her temperature gauge started to creep up. Then, it took a sudden spike and jumped all the way to the top and then moved back to normal operating temperature. One afternoon, when she got home the...
  2. Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
    Hello everyone, this is my first post. I am a huge Toyota Lexus fan and decided to go to the darkside with a 2014 grand Cherokee eco-diesel overland. 124k miles I was able to get a good deal on this SUV as I am a mechanic and needed some refurbishing. I got the maintenance up to par on this...
  3. Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
    Hi, I'm a bit new to GC diesels. I have a 15 GC Overland with 175 000km and the coolent temp never really goes over 1/4(likes to hover there) and I've noticed I'm under the low mark in the overflow tank. Now I know there's an overheating problem with a lot of diesel jeeps, do I take the chance...
1-3 of 3 Results