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  1. Witch coolent to use??

    Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
    Hi, I'm a bit new to GC diesels. I have a 15 GC Overland with 175 000km and the coolent temp never really goes over 1/4(likes to hover there) and I've noticed I'm under the low mark in the overflow tank. Now I know there's an overheating problem with a lot of diesel jeeps, do I take the chance...
  2. "Bad EGR valve"

    Grand Cherokee Diesel Discussions
    I went to a mechanic last winter due to something leaking from my 2014 Jeep grand Cherokee Eco Diesel, The mechanic told me I had a crack in my radiator. I went to a jeep dealership near me and asked them to check over the car and see where the leak was coming from. (Keep in mind, my car never...