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2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 diesel
Blinking red lightning bolt on dash display. I understand it's an egr issue. Based on symptoms (whistle sound and rough running) I'm assuming it's the egr tube gasket/O-ring. Can anyone point me to any resources/images/instructions regarding fixing this myself?

Second issue is fuel related. Fuel tank was dropped to replace (I believe) fuel pump. Not sure exactly because it's my brother's vehicle and can't currently get info on the previous issue. At any rate, it apparently wouldn't start without some ether or propane priming ever since that service was performed. I'm assuming there must be a check valve or some sort of pressure retainment system that was bollocked up by the shop. Can't currently have them look at it. Any info or suggestions as to what to inspect would be helpful, as would images, etc.

Thanks all in advance. Pretty nice forums you have here.
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