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2006 jeep grand Cherokee3.7l swap for 3.0 diesel

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Hey there jeepers I'm a young jeep enthusiasts looking to keep my jeep ( 06 inferno red lift grand Cherokee) for a little bit longer. I was wondering what would go into swapping my 3.7l with a 3.0 turbo diesel DOHC? if it is even possible. If you would please go into detail because my brother is a mechanic and always tells me to do my own research before talking to him. All feed back is much appreciated!
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Im no super mechanic, but I would be willing to bet a lot of cash that it will be well worth just buying one with the diesel already in it. otherwise you are going to be looking at buying a complete CRD maybe wrecked, so you could get it on the cheap. you'll need the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive lines, instrument cluster, wire harnesses, computers, and so on.

I ran into this same thing when I was looking at putting a Common rail cummins in my 2005 F-350 not too long ago. I wuickly figured out that it would cost 2.5 times what my truck is worth to do tha swap. If money is of no concern I still say buy one sice they are available. if you are looking to do a swap that's no available spend that money on that. like, for instance of you wanted to swap a 4bt cummins into a grand Cherokee or something.
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