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I’ll start off with this is my first diesel I’ve ever owned. Previous vehicle was a 2004 Cadillac Escalade, 6.0l lq9 awd. The Cadillac was really a great suv, sold it with 245k miles on it and it ran and drove like a new truck. I was a little bit worried about being able to replace it with something as reliable but I’m pretty handy with a wrench and was able to pick up this 07 Grand Cherokee for what I felt like was a steal at $4500.
The Jeep has 186k miles on it but runs great and seems to have had a decent amount of maintenance on it. I was lucky that the pervious owner had put anti seize on just about ever bolt ive taken off so far.

since I bought it I threw on a 3.5” lift on it and some jk sahara wheels with 255/70/18’s on them as well as 1.5” wheel spacers.

my plans are to fix any issues it currently has, small fuel leak at the fuel filter, code p0675 for cylinder 5 glow plug circuit, already replaced the glow plug but the issue must be in the wiring or glow plug control module. I am also planning on building a larger front mount intercooler setup for it, most likely get a gde tune for it and delete egr and dpf and straight pipe the dpf. Not looking for a hot rod out of it but better fuel economy and some more power wouldn’t hurt.

first tank I averaged 20.9mpg Hand calculated (18.4 on the display) second tank after an oil change was 20.4 mpg 18.0 on the display. This was a pretty solid mix of highway driving, in town as well as some short trips.

that being said if anyone has any advice for how to keep this Jeep running good or things to look out for I would greatly appreciate it.

this was when I first got it home.

After the lift, wheels and tires and wheel spacers. Still need to replace the upper control arms, passenger side ball joint had a bit of play in it.
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