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2011 CRD too frequent regens?????

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I have had my 2011 CRD U.K model for the last 4 months and since owning i have been having a problem with the DPF. After 2 months of owning the Jeep went into limp home mode with code 2002 " DPF efficiency below threshold bank 1" ,on investigation i found a small leak in the DPF pressure sensor steel pipe union.
I fixed the pipe union leak and the code hasn't come back since.
I have been monitoring DPF regens with my scanner and it seems they are way too frequent , i am getting on average 40-50 miles between each one.
I have changed the oil to Mobil 1 ESP and use top quality diesel with a mix of city and motorway driving.
So my question is how often do your crd's carry out regens ? am i panicking or is this normal.
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Mine regens around every 150 miles,mostly highway miles.
Ugh, 40-50 miles sounds like the filter may not burn the particles completely during regen. Even SVT's150 miles seems way too often to me. Mine's are 500-800miles depending on driving style. I have the GDE tune with regen option to show every regen.
What are the factory estimates for 2011?
Thanks for the replies.
As your Jeeps are much newer than mine do your CRD's take DEF fluid that is injected into the dpf ? , being a 2011 U.K model my regen process relies on post injection events to ignite diesel in the exhaust to create higher exhaust gas temps.
I also have no DPF messages in the EVIC that warn me to drive at highway speed to clear filter etc. I have tried to read soot mass with cheap obd readers but to no avail.
I think i will find out from the dealer how frequent the regens should be on my 2011 and if too often i will change out the differential pressure sensor as this could be sending a false signal to the ECM to regen when it does'nt really need to.
The DEF is part of SCR NOx reduction, which sits behind our DPF. Essentially they are two separate systems, so this makes me think, that we shouldn't be that much apart with our regens.
Thanks for the info about the DEF and NOx my last Jeep was a 2007 WK without all this crap on it so this DPF is all new to me.
I have researched on many forums of other car brands and it seems that the differential pressure sensor that measures across the DPF could well be at fault and this is something i can change myself.
I will change the sensor out in the next couple of weeks, but for anyone thinking of replacing this sensor it's a right pain to get at.
Jeep have located the DPF pressure sensor and bracket high on the transmission sandwiched between the trans and the underside of the floor.
I will need to remove the DPF and maybe the trans dipstick tube to get to the sensor bracket then hopefully i can then unplug and remove the sensor.
I will post here when it's done
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