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Recently changed the front calipers, rotors and brake pads. Forgot to put it in “jack mode” once I finished and lowers the vehicle it was in “off road 2” suspension setting, and now won’t crank/start.

I push the start button. Seat engages. Steering wheel adjusts. Radio, gages, everything comes on. I get 5 beeps. I noticed an error message saying blind spot blocked needs serviced (but the mirrors are rotated in and not out). Then I hear a click like it's trying to start and it doesn't. Break peddle feels like it's locked right after I turn the vehicle on. I tried a couple more times and got a different error message about the breaks and it still doesn't start.

I have put a new battery in the vehicle, and that does not solve anything, so does not seem to be a battery related issue.

any ideas? I’m at a loss
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