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2014 GC Summit for 28k? Rip Off?

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I’ve searched through hundreds of adds in a 250 mile radius and have only found two diesel jeeps for sale in the last month. I recently found an extremely well maintained 2014 GC Summit for 28k, but it‘s listed 3k+ above KBB. It only has 50k miles on it and several smaller upgrades (exhaust, SRT hood). It’s apparent it was owned by someone who babied the vehicle. I ran the vin and it has had the AEM upgrade and the owner received the payout. With how difficult it’s been to find one of these I’m considering paying the few extra thousand for what I want, even though it’s not the greatest deal. Supply and demand is a hell of a thing. I was hoping for weigh in from the community on this. Especially from those who may have a 2014/2015 and their issues/experiences with the vehicle. My biggest question is does the new extended warranty follow the vehicle? If I’m covered on the major expenditures for up to 10 years or 120k it may be worth the extra couple grand knowing what I’m covered for. Thoughts?
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Knowing what I know about the ecodiesels now, I don't think I would pay the premium for one. I would definitely check to see if it has a tuner. If not I would get one. I currently own JGC & Ram ED. Of the 2, I'll probably keep the JGC over the Ram mainly due to the cooling issues the Ram has. The dealers I have in my area (STL) have little knowledge of them & don't provide good service.

Something I recently discovered on my 2015 w/tow package is that it has load leveling rear shocks. Replacement shocks are 3x price of regular shocks.

Remember, the extended warranty is only on the emissions not an extended bumper to bumper warranty.
If I had to do it over again, I'd go with a low mileage Hemi instead. All of the power, none of the emissions nonsense/reliability issues. You will more than cover the gap on total money spent vs. gas mileage, Plus you will have many more choices in color, interior, etc. These things really are only reliable when they are tuned and deleted. Obviously this means no warranty and not passing emissions if you have to. For people that live in a no emission place they are great, but if you want to maintain the warranty, your going to be in the shop a lot more than a gas model. I love my Ecodiesel GC, but its fully deleted, stage 2 tune, water meth injection. that's my .02
Also, Don't limit yourself to local searches. Shipping a car is usually less than 1000

I would stay away. I had a 2014 GC Limited EcoDiesel and it was always having issues with the emissions equipment. I traded it in for a 2020 GC Limited with the 5.7L Hemi. Definitely so much better without all the diesel emissions stuff on it. And most dealerships don’t know how to work on the diesel because so few were sold compared to the gas engines.
Paid $17,000 for our 2014 Overland with a 12 month warranty.
Paid $19,500 for a 2014 JGC overland with all the bells and whistles. Bought it in June of 2020. After driving it for a week, it then spent 28 days at the dealership for an overheating issue. Blew the EGR. Superheating the coolant. Covered by the extended warranty. Replaced for free. Parts back ordered. Sat in the dealership lot for 28 days. Got it back but the service dept mucked up the coolant flush(ie there was still contaminated coolant in the reservoir). Didn’t catch it until I took it back for the W41 recall 3 weeks later. Was furious as it also had the green coolant added to it which was the wrong stuff. Smh. Got it back with the ‘Happy Jesus Thumbs Up’ from them and sent me on my way onto a 1200 mile trip.

Drove to bend oregon. Well attempted to. Trip was going great all the way up to a tiny incline 15 miles outside of Redding California. I was napping in the back next to our 18month old daughter and wife is driving munching Doritos or whatever. Suddenly, Ding ding ding. Engine coolant overheat warning. Goes into limp mode. I look up and see a sign for a rest stop a mile out. Stop, have it towed to dealership. Rent another Jeep. Finish trip. Pick up JGC on return and am told nothing is diagnosably wrong. ie can’t make it do it again so we can’t work on it. Did a flush anyway and bled the system. Ok. No charge. But $300 for rental to finish trip. Guess who owns the rental shop too? Anyway, no skin off my nose this time. Stupid time to be taking a trip.

So we drive it home with a hawk eye on that temp gauge and oil temp and trans temp.

All three didn’t budge. solid. Highest the oil got was 224. Trans was a solid 195. And water temp gauge was at one line below half the whole way.

Fast forward a week to sept 3rd(I remember because it was only a few days ago and it was my b day. Just getting back from 7am morning feeding of horses, pull into driveway and it’s dripping coolant. Not much but about a quarter sized drop every two feet at 5 mph. Check reservoir, coolant is low again and it looks dirty as hell. Again.

Called into dealership, set appt for next week...less than thrilled...and also not about to shove my way in front of some other poor joe who is also having Chrysler engine troubles. ;0)

Parked it on the street and noticed a growing puddle until yesterday. It’s dry now what with the heat wave going on. Checked reservoir again as that’s the only spot I know to check coolant level and it hasn’t changed.
Also have a car with STARS and Jeep Cares.

Now despite all that, and since it Is covered for the emissions related troubles by a warranty until 2024 or 156,000(gonna have a fight with FCA on that one too) no regrets yet. Little stressful dealing with the dealership as I’m feeling like their techs aren’t up to the task and the nearest other dealership is an hour or more drive away.

If it wasn’t for the warranty I’d do as much of the work myself as I can. Which says a lot about what I think about this vehicle. Outright love it. Drives great...when it drives. Rides great...when it drives. Enjoy the hell out the diesel mileage....when it drives.
Guess the key point will be after next week when I take it in. If it drives after that for a period of time with out dealership intervention, I’ll be thrilled. If it leaves me and my family on the side of the road again...well shame on me for three times a charm...I guess.

Someone else here joked “Wife says the dealership owns the Jeep, and we just paid for visitation rights.” Apt.
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