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I tired of the coiled cord for the windshield mounted Escort Max so I decided to move it up to the mirror and hardwire it. It was a simple procedure and attached are some photos to assist others. I decided on the Blend Mount Grand Cherokee specific mirror mount. There are three types of mirrors on the Grand Cherokee.The Blend Mount will only fit on the mirror that does NOT have the rounded auto headlight enclosure behind it. If you don't have a housing or one like mine pictured below you're good to go. Rather than buy their $30.00 pin pigtail I bought one on ebay for about $11.00 shipped.

I did this without removing the mirror from the windshield. First pinch the sides of the trim cover located behind the mirror that extends to the roof and remove. Then grasp the lower trim cover behind the mirror, tug and wiggle straight down.

I used the small upper three wire plug that is against the windshield for the power source as there is a ground wire next to the power wire (which is the red one on the right side of the plug). Gently remove this plug after applying slight pressure to the locking pin with a small tool. Press the red and black pig tail pins into the end of the plug in the corresponding red and black wire. BE GENTLE as these pins are very fragile. DO NOT bend them. You may want to stick a straight pin in the slot first to make some room for the pigtail pin.

Wire the tie the pigtail about a couple of inches from the plug to give it support then direct it as necessary to exit the housing at the mirror post hole. Install the plug until it clicks.

Push the lower trim housing back up (observing the pins slide into the L and R guides) until it clicks. Mount the trim housing that goes to the roof bottom pins first then snap the top up against the headliner being careful not to pinch wires against the glass.

Install the Blend Mount per manufacturer's instructions with two Allen screws. Use the gasket type adapter ring supplied. Install the radar detector and pigtail plug and you're ready to go. It shouldn't take more than an hour.

Upper trim housing. Note the bottom pins and attach points.

Lower housing. You can see the mounting guides inside.

Pins attached in power plug.

Plug installed. White part is toward rear.

Pigtail exiting housing. This is the housing the Blend Mount is compatible with.

Finished installation.
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