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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Turbo 3.0

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I am looking at purchasing a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Turbo 3.0 4x4 to use as a tow vehicle for an RV. I am a bit concerned after reading all the problems in one of the threads here. Would I be safe to assume those problems would have been taken care of by now with a 2014 model? It has 130,000 miles. I have never owned a diesel vehicle before.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Having a 2014 Grand Cherokee diesel with 82k miles myself, I'd say it's absolutely not safe to assume the problems have been taken care of by now. Mine is actually in the shop (again) at this moment because my DEF sensor has an error. Unfortunately I participated in the class action suit and have had all the emissions software updates installed - I didn't have a single problem before that all started. Could be coincidence, of course there's no way to prove it. Busted fuel rail, coolant leaks in multiple places/hoses, faulty thermostat, faulty DEF sensor, MPG has gone WAY down. Not to mention the exhaust regen process at the most inopportune times - essentially you have to drive your car at highway speeds for about 30 minutes continuous so it can burn off the carbon build up.

Every bit of maintenance done over the 3 years I've owned it - never towed anything, in fact I hardly drive it.

I honestly would not recommend this vehicle.
Now, it seems with some of the tunes that are/were available, then maybe that's a more reliable way to go. If that's not your thing and you're looking for a factory stock GC ecodiesel, then I, personally, would advise against. Great idea in theory but poorly executed. I could go on and on about how this is the worst vehicle purchase in my 25 years of driving.
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I also owned a 2014 GC with the diesel engine. I would not recommend this vehicle. The emissions system stuff on these is just too complicated and too much can go wrong that requires days and weeks of service to repair. I replaced mine last fall with a 2020 with the 5.7L V8 - much happier with it. No problems whatsoever with this one.
Update on mine being in the shop - dealership service manager said they found crystallization in the DEF filler tube and is insinuating that this would only occur if I left the cap off the filler port. Which, and I am 1000% sure did not/has not happened, just goes to show that on top of this relatively expensive vehicle being an absolute dumpster fire, the manufacturer and it's representative affiliates do everything in their power to deflect responsibility instead of doing the right thing.

They've obviously spent a lot of time creating a maze of confusion among the affected customers for the specific purpose of deflecting as much warranty work as possible, especially since the class action lawsuit hand slap. Whomever engineered this façade of "responsibility" for FCA has certainly outperformed the original engineers of the vehicle. Imagine if they had just done things right to begin with...
I should probably change my tune here - @marci if you're still looking at buying a 2014, I have one with 82K miles that I'd sell you for the right price. Probably not too far off of the one you're looking at :)
I will say this for Jeep - my 2014 needed numerous repairs over the 6 years I owned it:
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Front wheel bearings
  • Rack and pinion
  • After the emissions recall:
* Catalytic Converter (again)
* DEF injector
* Some sensor related to all the above

Even with all that - I never paid anything to have anything repaired, between the standard warranty, the extended warranty I bought when the vehicle was new, and the emissions warranty. But it was painful to have to deal with all of that. In spite of all that I loved the vehicle itself enough to buy another one - just with a gasoline engine that everyone knows how to work on and doesn’t have all of the emissions stuff on it that the diesel engine is required to have.
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This is a bit later than you probably expected. My wife and I bought a 14 GC eco a little over a year ago. The issues you hear about are reasonably placed. My wife had these same concerns. We had an issue with the DEF injector a week after we bought the jeep.

Now we use our GC to tow our camper. Since we use it constantly and drive it pretty much daily, We haven't had any issues since then. Something else to keep in mind is these motors are designed to be driven. DEF does crystalize and can clog up the system. On that note, if you're driving it around, you go through the fluid faster which prevents it from having a chance to crystalize.

To keep this from being to long, these vehicles are great if its driven; almost daily; long distances; etc... If they sit then they have issues. Just like everything else, diesel has it's place. Good luck and I hope you make a good choice and are happy with it. We love our GC EcoDiesel. We average 25,000 miles a year and this was a good vehicle for us.
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I am original owner of a 2014 with about 55k. You need to drive these on highway. I am only keeping mine because of extended warranty and not wanting to spend 10-20k after trade. Mine has most of the typical parts replaced including the big one, redesigned head. Like the style, ride and handling but all the recalls, regen lights and check engine etc gets old. All the updates have reduced power and mpgs. Not to mention diesel fuel no bargain.
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