Purchased in 2019
Exterior Color: Auburn Metallic
Exterior Condition: Few scratches and stone chips. No major dents or scratches through clear coat.
Interior Color: Black leather
Interior Condition: Very good
141xxx miles
SRT wheels added and a couple years old
Loaded with all options including panoramic moonroof
Gets 32 MPG on highway post tune and approximately 24-25 MPG mixed use.

Tuned with HD Diesel Supply Tune kit that:
1. Removes DPF and Cat and replaces with race pipe. (Do not have stock DPF or CAT)
2. Removes EGR (still have these parts)
3. Tunes engine to run without the removed parts and perform much better than stock Vehicle
Runs without DEF fluid. Also, no more regening.
Runs flawlessly now. Have driven 40k since installing tune in 2020 with zero problems whatsoever.
Still have the tune kit with the stock tune on it as well as all instructions to flash back and forth

New brakes and rotors in 2021
Thermostat replaced in 2021
New tires in 2021 (Michelin 70k mile tires)
All glow plugs replaced a few months ago

Can send more images if interested.