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Alright so I was driving about 70mph up a very small hill and I hear a loud rattling sound coming from the dash assuming it's the engine or transmission. The vehicle automatically puts itself in neutral and locks up. I can no longer operate the Jeep. I guess the manufacture created that to prevent the engine from damaging itself even more. I scroll through the vehicles oil temperature, battery life, oil percentage still has 53% left. Everything looks fine. Nothing is telling me there's an issue.
The only lights that came on the moment it all happened was the red "low oil" light and the orange "malfunction indicator" light or the "check engine" light. I pull off over once I get to the top of the small hill and smoke is visible and engine oil is leaking bad! Vehicle won't even start no more.
I get it towed to the dealership since it's still under warranty. Now I'm facing a 50/50 chance of them sayings it's a user error for the vehicle not being well lubricated which will void the warranty or whatever issue they do discover could be under warranty. I had oil changes done with 5W-40 on time and provided them the maintenance records, but what could I expect if they do say the warranty is voided worst case scenario?
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