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2015 Overland 4*4 with price 42007 VS 2015 limited 4*4 with price 35378, share opinions?

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Hi friends, I need your professional opinions about these two deals. In brief, I need a new full size SUV and got two quotas from autopriceshare dealers. I drived the SRT version before and the feeling is so cool. However, it is beyond my budget. so I focused on these two models.
1) 2015 Overland 4*4 with price 42007 and 2) 2015 limited 4*4 with price 35378.
I compared with deals shared by others in AutoPriceShare.com and it seems these prices are fair. The only question I want to ask is: is it worth to pay 7000 dollars more for 'Overland' version? please share your opinions with me. Thanks
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I have a limited and paid about $41K out the door after everything. The only options mine doesn't have are the larger wheels, towing package (regret not getting it), air suspension (more more thing to go wrong as the vehicle ages) and the adaptive cruise control (seriously....it's stupid in my opinion). I think the Overland gets you better leather, a fancy wood/leather steering wheel, even nicer wheels, more paint (I just have gray plastic around my wheel arches), and probably other nice to have options. Is it worth it? It wasn't to me. I wanted the diesel and navigation. I'm perfectly fine with the limited.
Tough call. The Limiteds are nice. I almost bought one. And if I didn't drive lots of miles last year, I'd probably still be questioning my decision.

I simply like the interior of the Overland better. I've put 30k on in one year, and I'm repeatedly relieved that I got the Overland every time I look around the cabin. I find it to be a very nice place to pass the miles. Also, my experience with the adaptive cruise control over the last year has been terrific. Over the course of the last 30k miles, I've really come to rely on it, and I don't think I'll buy another car without it. Makes long haul driving much less tiring.

Your mileage may vary. In spite of some of the problems I've had with the emissions system, I genuinely think Jeep got a lot right about this truck. I really like it, and don't think you'll go wrong either way.
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