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2016 summit diesel buy?

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We looked at a 2016 Grand Cherokee Summit with 41,000 miles on it
We were not originally planning on buying a diesel but this one has everything we want
I'm a little concerned about maintenance and other issues since the warranty only has 19000 miles left

Just curious from those of you who have a 2016 with around the same amount of miles on it
Do you think it's a reliable vehicle?
FYI we plan on pulling it behind the motorhome

Sounds like quite a few of you have had warning lights and have to go into the shop for that

Any help appreciated I'm supposed to go in this morning if we decide to buy it
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I figured I'd respond since no one else has, but I won't be a ton of help.

I bought a 2015 Summit with the diesel last September. It had 30K miles and I've put almost 6K on it in several long trips (NC-PA was the longest) and some shorter area trips. Here's my takeaway from six months of owning it.

I (we) really love the vehicle. It's great on the highway and around town. The mileage has been outstanding (especially since I also have a 1995 GC with the 5.2L V8) with it hitting 31 on the longer trips. I've put some 18" wheels and snow tires on it for the winter--though our NC winter hasn't had that much snow--and they seem to have hurt the mileage somewhat. I assume that's the soft tires mostly, or maybe diesel has a "winter blend" like gasoline does.

Here are the few negatives I can pass along. First, there is a little turbo lag that you'll need to get used to. It doesn't bother me and if you've had a turbo-diesel before, you may be used to it. The only other area of concern is all the posts I see about the DPF filter and an associated expensive repair/replacement. Because of what I've read, I've hesitated to use the Jeep for too much local driving and tend to use it when I'm towing something or on the longer drives. As I understand it, local trips don't allow the engine to heat up enough to burn off what the filter collects--or something like that--and it can eventually "clog up." I'm also concerned about the air suspension breaking some day because that's an expensive fix as well. That said, it's worked fine for us.

Those potential concerns aside, we've had zero issues in our short time. I know ours isn't a 2016, but I think the changes between years were minor. I think 2016 saw the return of the traditional shifter and maybe some change that bumped mileage slightly?
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Thank you for your input
We did buy the vehicle
Haven't driven it much yet

Good information about getting in on freeway to help the dog filter

Thanks again
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