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I would like some feedback on my dilemma. In Oct-2021 my daughter borrowed my Jeep and inadvertently filled the diesel fuel tank with DEF. Needless to say it didn't run long after she did that. Hauled vehicle to the local Jeep dealer in St. Charles, MN and they proceeded to do the repairs on the vehicle. See below for what they did.
  1. removed fuel tank and pumps cleaned and reinstalled per service library
  2. pulled fuel filter housing cleaned and replaced fuel filters
  3. flushed fuel system with new clean diesel with low pressure return line in a fuel safe container to clean out system and to get clean sample before installation of new components
  4. replaced fuel rails per service library
  5. replaced fuel injectors per service library
  6. replaced fuel tubes per service library
  7. replaced high pressure fuel pump per service library
  8. flushed all remaining fuel lines with clean diesel until clean sample was achieved
  9. recalibrated new fuel injectors to vehicle
  10. changed engine oil and oil filter due to excessive def fluid contamination in engine oil
  11. took another fuel sample after the vehicle had run and the sample was clean and clear
So, they returned the vehicle in Nov-2021 and the vehicle worked fine for about 4k miles and then threw a P0087 code and wouldn't start. Towed vehicle local dealer here in Missouri couldn't tell me why it threw that code. Filled the diesel tank with fuel and drove another 4k miles and it threw the P0087 and a P016 codes and wouldn't start. Other than the two incidents the vehicle has run fine and not had any issues. I had the vehicle towed to the local dealer in Black River Falls, WI and they found DEF contamination in one of the solenoids. So, I go back to the first dealer that did the original repairs and said they missed something in the cleaning of the low pressure fuel system. They proceed to tell me after their research of the issue that being I drove the vehicle 8k miles that if it was due to the first DEF contamination, it should have failed right after the repairs and it has to be a secondary DEF contamination and not related to the original DEF contamination. I talked to my local Missouri diesel technician and he is saying the dealer missed something and that the WHOLE system should have been replaced and not just replace the high pressure system and clean the low pressure system. So, here I am with an EcoDiesel that won't run and a potential $11k bill to replace the WHOLE fuel system. Anyone have some advice or have run into similar situation of DEF recontamination after replacing the high pressure system and only cleaning the lower pressure system. Appreciate any information.

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That is freaking awful. Holy crap am I sorry to hear about your story. I was a transmission shop owner for 13 years, and I know how challenging it is to get things "flushed out" properly.

I feel like there are a few questions to be answered here:

1. what was the written warranty on the repairs originally performed?
2. Do you carry an aftermarket or Mopar extended warranty?
3. What does the original repairing dealer say about the current situation?

I find it very hard to believe that 4-8 THOUSAND miles was required for additional "contamination" to show up. It sounds to me like failure due to original issues, which you paid to have fixed. Whether or not further issues are part of the original issue is to be seen.
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