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2018 summit ecodiesel performance

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hello forum members, first time poster here and just bought the wife a 2018 summit ecodiesel with 6k miles for $39k. Absolutely love the jeep, first diesel I have ever owned so still getting used to how it performs. Only complaint I have is the acceleration is a bit sluggish from a dead stop. Would a tuner solve this issue? If so can anybody recommend one for $300 price range. Other than the acceleration lag I love the way it drives. Though, I am used to my 2014 hemi ram with tuner and throttle commander, and if I barely touch the pedal too much it will spin the tires, she is very touchy lol
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Hello, you won't really find a tuner for $300. I have the MRTuning tune, but others like HD diesel supply, PPEI, SFTtuned, and Im sure there are others. Any of these choice will drastically improve the throttle response, but will also shut off the EGR valve. This is good for the engine but depending on where you live, may not pass emissions. I would recommend going with one of the companies that uses a hand held tuner, so that you can flash back to the oem tune when needed, as well as re-flash your tune in case the dealer decides to "update" your OEM tune and wipes your aftermarket tune.
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