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$5k Rack and Pinion!!?

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I had the AEM recall done at dealer last week. No issues but I installed a HD Diesel tune today anyway.
Dealer said they found a leaky seal/boot on the steering. They have to replace the entire rack & Pinion for $5k 2yr warranty.
$2.5k if they use after market parts and no warranty.
When I said wtf? Why can't they just replace seal. Response was "its a throw away and replace world now".
2015 Summit only 37k miles.
Anyone have this leaky steering issue?
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37k miles and a $5k repair!?!? That’s crazy. Have you noticed any fluids leaking/ accumulating underneath? Any noticeable problem/concern while driving it? Sounds like it’s just a dust boot which would be at the very bottom of my list of things to spend money on.
Every time mine is in for a warranty fix they find thousands of dollars worth of things that need replaced/flushed...

How is the HDD tune? Trying to figure out which way to go and I’m leaning towards them...
I haven't noticed fluids leaking. I did not have them replace it yet. Sounds like very small leak for now.
HD tune with trans. Just put it in this morn and drove for apox 45 min. So far super impressed and very pleased with the whole process.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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