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AC foul smell: is condensation drain working

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We have a 2016 JGC Diesel (just under 20,000 miles) and there is a foul smell when AC is first turned on. Most people say to check the AC drain line for clog. I finally found where the drain line exits. It is on the driver's side near accelerator pedal but goes through the SIDE of floorboard to bottom of car. If you pull back the carpet and padding by the gas pedal, you will see a portion of the drain line that goes through pass. compartment. I am passing this info. along for others who may be looking for the AC drain line. Dealer said they put a stent in the drain line about 1.5 years ago when I took the car in for AC smell. My drain line appears to be working as it should with much condensation exiting this tube. Guess I will try spray cleaner through incoming air vents.
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I have the same problem. Recently, I pulled the blower fan out and sprayed cleaner into the evaporator. The cleaner immediately drained out onto the ground, which showed me that the vents were not plugged. That being said, the odor came back a few days later.

I am planning on doing the cleaning again soon to see if I can get the odor once and for all.

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