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Another Oil Change Thread - Canada

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Hey everyone in diesel Jeep land. I picked up my 2015 Overland EcoDiesel a couple weeks ago and have spent the last few weeks learning as much as possible. The car had 8500km when I bought it (just over 5000 miles) as it was driven by one of the dealer staff before I got it. I wanted to do a preliminary oil change on it, but around here the dealers are looking for $250 just to change the oil.

In my research on oil, I came across a bunch of different options that are ACEA C3 as well as Chrysler MS-11106 approved, at various price points. I decided to give the Kendall GT1 Euro oil a try. I have a local distributor that is getting me a case for about $7.50 litre. I also located a Canadian source for the AFE oil filter at $38.99, compared to the Mopar the dealer sold me for $60. I should be about $100 Canadian for a complete change including approved oil and a quality filter. I will be stopping by a Flying J truck stop today to get some fresh DEF in the mix and should be okay for another 10k.

If anyone on here wants more info on the suppliers, please let me know. Happy Trails.
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