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Hello all,

Just thought I would share a quick review and pictures of my recent purchase and installation of the ASFIR Skid plates.

I chose these for a couple reasons. The first is weight. The second is that Since they are Aluminum they will never rust. Some people will say that skid plates need to be Steel, and for rock crawling and extreme 4x4 trails I would agree. My vehicle will go on some 4x4 trails every year, but Im not trying to run King of the Hammers with it. All of the plates are 1/4 thick, and they are beefy.

The fit and finish is spot on, and if you have a V8 or V6 gas motor, these things install perfectly. The bends, the cuts, and the holes are all perfect. Because I have the Diesel, I had to trim the corner off of the Transfer case plate where it runs into the SCR on the exhaust. All of the hardware to mount them comes with it, and everything bolts on. The one that first caught my eye with this brand is the Engine cover. It replaces both the forward guard, and the section under the oil pan with one piece. After I got everything installed, I must say its a shame something that looks so good, is under the vehicle. All of it is rock solid, and I wouldn't hesitate to bash this stuff off of some rocks. I installed all of this by myself, but it would be easier with two people. All you need is simple hand tools.
Anyway, I hadn't seen any reviews on these or any one else using them so I thought I would share. I highly recommend them as an option for people wanted Aluminum Plates.


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