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Hey guys! Been reading from time to time on this forum and figured it'd be great to become a member!!

I bought my 2015 JGC Overland back in July, I was shopping for a full size SUV since a couple weeks, and even if I thought of returning to the VAG family, I came accross this Grand Cherokee at a dealership and later that day I was taking delivery of it! At that moment my wife was pregnant and I was looking for a family vehicle, with plenty of space :)

JEEP Grand Cherokee Overland Ecodiesel Slideshow by Kevin_Lacroix

I still own my '05 Sedan G35 (6MT RWD) which I ride from time to time when I'm alone or with friends.

G35 Slideshow by Kevin_Lacroix

And here's my previous rides, I am still a VAG lover even though if I don't own one at this moment (Wife's got '08 Jetta :p )

-'99 Audi A4 (V6 2.8 Quattro)
-'96 TurboDiesel VW Jetta (150WHP 220+WTQ)
-'94 TurboDiesel VW Jetta (130WHP 195+WTQ)

Previous Rides Slideshow by Kevin_Lacroix
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