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2014 - ECO DIESEL SUMMIT:I just purchased from dealership and i purchased the full warranty.
The check engine light has come on about 6 times , since i bought the used Cherokee from a Chrysler Dealership back in end of March 2016.
1. 1st time they just reset the error
2. 2nd change the two fuel filter.
Than i had the "Service Electronic Throttle Body" error code came on and i had very poor acceleration.
3. 3rd just cleared code and sent me on my way.
Service Throttle error code cam back
4, 4th time replaced both inlet and exit Throttle Body hose.
Check Engine and Service Throttle body came back again.
5. 5th the dealer says, its bad gas and the entire Fuel System needs to be replaced
and it is not covered by Warranty and I should contact on Car Insurance company because the cost to replace the entire Fuel system will be around 15,000.00.

Someone please tell me what i should do. I just took possession of the truck at the end of Mar and purchased the full warranty.

Mississauga Ontario

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I had similar issues with my 2014 they changed filters then o2 sensor then I had the regeneration issues then they replaced injectors and fuel injector lines and now no problems try another dealership if possible the mechanic is an certified diesel mechanic and they where just changing cheaper part before they changed injectors n lines he said each injector is about $1 thousand dollars per injector
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