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Best exhaust once deleted

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I just bought a 2015 jeep gc and recently purchased the green diesel hot tune. I’m waiting for it to be delivered but I got the off road option with it so I could replace my exhaust. New to this so looking for opinions on which way to go for the exhaust. Thanks
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I'm deciding the same thing now. Currently have a turbo back straight pipe to my Banks Monster exhaust. I'm thinking of putting a straight muffler/resonator in line to quiet it down just a little. The other thing I'm debating is that, w/ my current dual exhaust, there isn't much "pressure" and the exhaust just "backwashes" onto the back of my white JGC. I like to keep my jeep CLEAN so I'm wondering if routing the exhaust differently would help.

What I'm currently considering is adding the Moroso Spiral Flow Racing muffler to my straight pipe (found on Summit Racing website). From what I've read, it will be perfect for the sound I am looking for, but don't want to pull the trigger until I decide on whether I'm rerouting exhaust somehow...
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