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BIG mistake by Jeep Dealership Service Dept.

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  • Took my jeep in this morning for an oil change. Drove it to run errands. When I got to my destination, my jeep starting smoking from under the hood, and into the cab through the vents. I got out and lifted the hood to find that the mechanic didn't put my oil cap back on all the way and oil had spewed all over my engine, all the way under the jeep, to the back of my exhaust. Called Jeep, who sent a tow truck to pick me up. They are looking it over now, and sent me home with a loaner. What do I need to worry about long term after they've cleaned it up?
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Perhaps either finding a new service department or a convenient place to do it yourself. ;) Plenty or threads on here or youtube to tackle it yourself...its pretty easy, and cheaper if you don't mind the work.

I'll assume the smoke was from the oil burning on the hot engine...how far did you drive like this and did your oil pressure indicator (or anything else) send a warning? I'd say if it didn't then other than a messy engine you should be OK. Regardless....that service dept should be off the list or showering you with free changes for eternity.
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