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Big news-- Mandatory catalyst replacement

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Looks like they are 'biting the bullet' and replacing them:

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Interesting - I had my 2014 GC in for service due to Check Engine light code P20EE00 - they did the steps everyone else has had (software update first, and then catalytic converter replaced a week later). But the write-up from the dealership specifically mentions this recall (WI Tech on Vehicle; P20EE Active, test the DEF and replace the SCR Catalyst per recall R-69-16). My vehicle was repaired on 4/5/16.
As far as I know I have the 'originals' yet and have not got anything in the mail - or on recall page of Uconnect. I know mine was built in Dec of 2013 so I must have originals yet. I'll wait a while and give them a call. So far everything is great on it. I don't drive much 'city' driving - so maybe my system keeps pretty 'blown out of soot' for the problem not to have come up. They probably don't want to run into a 'VW publicity' nightmare so they are just going to do it across the board to make sure. I am seeing Fed Express Eco Diesel mini vans around my area- so hopefully FCA finally does have everything worked out on it now and is going to keep it in production!
I think based on the notice that this recall was just issued, so I expect those covered will hear from FCA in the next few months. My GC was built in May, 2014 (I bought it in July 2014.) The check engine light first came on at about 25,500 miles. I do mostly city driving but some highway driving as well. I absolutely love the vehicle.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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