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I'm going to be taking this to a private diesel repair shop with a great reputation. The dealer I've been dealing with has let me down too many times. Last time it was there they said they wanted to replace the radiator, thermostat and oil cooler for around $3000 and that was a "maybe" that would fix it. I don't want more "maybe's". Your a dealer. Find the problem. I will report back with more info when it comes in. This next shop is about an hour and a half away and it has to drive on the freeway to get home so I should find out pretty quick if the repair holds. I'm sending it to the shop with "for sale" signs on it. As soon as it works, I'm selling it, and good luck to the next buyer. Jeep doesn't seem to want to take care of this obviously known issue. Terrible. This whole experience has burned me for life. I'll never buy another Jeep.
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