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For months i looked at the Ford Explorer, 4Runner, Touareg, and decided on the JGC ecodiesel. I haven't been through the dealer buying experience much so I've come up with some pointers, since many are probably new to the brand like myself.

If you buy a car off the lot be prepared for long day at the dealership. The car dealers have a cycle of how they do business and it favors them, you may think you're done negotiating once you agree on the price but then you have the back end.

1. I paid invoice price, fair enough. I asked for it after their offer and they agreed.
2. Once agreed on a deal, they will put you in front of high pressure pitch guy who is selling undercoating and rust proofing, I got him down to a detailing and leather treatment for a few hundred dollars so he would let me go.
3. Finance guy and he's pitching extended warranty. Mopar Maximum Care for my JGC was $2250; I figured he would go through Chrysler Credit for financing, they went to a 3rd party which had a lower rate of 3.00%.

Some tips,
You can buy the Mopar Maximum Care online, so check that number before hand, diesel you can't get "lifetime" option like they offer on other vehicles.
Get the finance sorted out before you even get to agreeing on the deal. Could fill out a credit app at the dealer or online. Good for you if you pay cash up front, I did have a trade in and still financed $32,000.00.
Dont get suckered into a low online price, some dealers are advertising total prices with terms that incorporate leasing, it's deceptive. If the deal doesn't match what you have seen advertised walk away, get used to walking away from deals and you will get better at it, and more comfortable doing it politely. I would often say I need to consider my options and think about this, "I'm not making a decision today, thanks bye".
Don't be hurried.

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