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CFT Intercooler Pipes

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Decided to take the plunge and order the CFT Intercooler piping kit for my 2015 Ecodiesec GC. This is the "upgraded" version that includes the Turbo outlet pipe and silicone coupler. I figured for 625 bucks, this kit must be amazing, especially considering that in raw materials, we are talking less than $200. I have only been able to find one other review on this product online, and his review is spot on for how terrible this kit is. I have been working on cars and trucks for decades, and have installed many turbo kits, superchargers, engine swaps, lift kits etc. so I am no stranger to challenging installations.

At every piece of the installation, there are obvious and inexcusable flaws in this kit. None of the bend angles are correct, the silicone 30 degree coupler for the drivers side intercooler connection is way to small to fit the intercooler. The passenger side 90 degree elbow is too long, and even when the pipe is forced s close to the front of the vehicle as possible, it still hits the engine and expansion tank lines. The larger 90 degree fitting that leads into the intake is way to long as well, and after hours of trying to shift every piece of the piping, it simply will not line up without severe torsion/tension on the fittings and clamps. Sure, the pipes could be cut, and the couplers could be cut to make it all fit, but for $625 this should be plug and play. Not to mention that cutting the pipes to make them actually fit would remove the bead rolling portion necessary to prevent blow off under boost.

All of this isn't even the worst part. The Throttle body housing extension that is supposed to hold the sensor (temp sensor?) has a threaded bung in it. The OEM design uses a twist lock style fitting with an o ring. There is physically no way to secure the sensor properly, and even under slight boost pressure, the sensor blows out.

Im curious to know if anyone has successfully installed this POS without having to hack it to pieces and JB weld the sensor in place? I spent 5 hours trying to make it all work, and in the end had to re-install all of the factory plumbing. Waste of money and time, and now I know why CFT performance doesn't accept return or refunds. They wouldn't make any money on 100% return rates. Im sure they have other products for full size diesels that perform as advertised, but this kit for the GC is literally scrap metal.
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