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Hi All,

I've got a 2014 JGC Summit EcoDiesel. I bought it new about 4 weeks ago. It now has 5000km/3125mi on it (Hi mileage on it already as I was just on summer vacation down to Montana). I live up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I recently had recall work performed on the vehicle (1.5 weeks ago). They flashed the computer system and RR the split shafts in the front, as there is supposedly a CV Boot issue.

Since then, my fender flare on the rear passenger side door is starting to come off (double sided 3M tape), and a new part has been ordered. It's out for paint right now, and should be installed in the next couple of weeks. I hope it is the only occurrence of this issue, but I see others have had similar problems with other fender flares.

In addition to this, I have found that my vehicle now stutters while warming up. It presents itself when I'm in gear creeping in reverse and when stopped at a red light, just after the vehicle has been started and I'm on my way to work. When the vehicle (engine/transmission) is warm, the issue goes away. It is doubtful the issue will present itself to the service staff if I have to take the vehicle to them. Likely, I'll need a "flight recorder" to pick up the issue for them to fix. If you're wondering, it's not winter and ice here yet. Current ambient temperature in the morning is 16C or 61F.

The vehicle has not thrown a CEL as of yet. But the problem seems to be getting worse.

I suspect it is one of the following:

1. Cylinder Misfire (may be due to the recent flash)
2. Bad Injector
3. Transmission problem - I see that a low fluid level from factory has been flagged here
4. Maybe something wrong with the ABS - the vehicle tends to creep ahead ever so slightly, even though the break is fully depressed.

Anyone else had a similar issue?

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Fender flare issue.
Production front flares came off. Reinstalled by 1 dealer. Started coming off again, Dealer 2 removed/reinstalled. Off again. New flares ordered and painted and installed. Flares coming off again. If initial production and 2 different dealers can't get them to stay on, it's obviously a Jeep design issue, which no amount of 3M tape can fix.
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