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Hello everyone,
I bought a 2007 CRD about two months ago and so far regretting my decision. I may have been dealt a problem child, I got it for about 3 grand under bluebook and I got what I paid for.

First after about two weeks of driving it I noticed black sludge in the coolant. This may have been my fault since I added cheap wal-mart brand anti-freeze when I noticed it was a little low, the next time I checked I noticed the sludge. It may be related and I could be a whole separate issue. It looks sinister though, it almost looks like oil. I attached pictures if anyone has had this problem.

Next issue is the Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) warning light. It came on about a week ago blinking and is still in the shop. It ran real rough and would't go but about 30. This sounds like a pretty common issue but I took it to my diesel VW guy (I also have a diesel TDI) and he seems to think its bad wiring somewhere.....

Any advice or thoughts on similar issues with yours would be greatly appreciated.


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