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Evening folks. Or morning depending on where ya are.

Thought I’d bang on the community brain pan here. Tried searching for the past week or so with but maybe one mention of a correlation between these two(wheel bearing, ABS sensor and power steering pump failure, saying the EHPS pulls the speed info from the abs sensor on startup and if it doesn’t have any info, the EHPS won’t work).

I replaced my front wheel bearings with some timken branded bearings to address what I thought was a swarm of bees under the hood under speed. Changed amplitude based off speed. Could’ve been tires but they aren’t new and we’ve put a lot of heavy towing miles recently so I figured it was time.

Anyway, swap went swimmingly. Solo test drive on residential streets and then highway and it was great. Noise was mostly gone. Which meant some tire noise I guess or the rear. But no MIL light or problems at all. Ran great

Couple hours later, go to take the fam out for dinner and the power steering dumps on the way off the property(about a 5 minute drive at 5 miles an hour). No MIL light or any messages. I do have some DEF warnings that I’m getting addressed by the dealership. But has nothing to do with the steering pump.

Fast forward a week, as it’s a working ranch so spare time is scarce, I pulled the abs sensors and cleaned them and since they are inexpensive (compared to the EHPS at $600) was thinking of just replacing them. Cleaning brought no joy.

I attached my AlfaOBD scanner to pull the ABS codes and although there are no codes, when I connect alfaobd I start getting abs warnings such as service electronic brake system. As soon as I disconnect they go away. But still not throwing any codes

When I pull a system status it is showing the wheel sensor readings as invalid. For all four wheels.

The only thing I can think of otherwise is if the poles on the bearings are bad or broken.

I ordered a magnetic field viewing card to check them.

Will try the old bearings tomorrow just to check it and see. Will check poles on the new bearings on Saturday when the card arrives.

Otherwise the next step after all of that is to buy a new EHPS and start that swap.

Anyone have any experience with this and Or advice regarding my conundrum?

Thanks in advance for any help. Even if it’s a link to a thread I haven’t found yet.
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