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So I was towing my boat for a family vacation this weekend when the my 2014 jeep eco diesel with 121k miles started to shake a bit at higher speeds. I pulled over for about 20 minutes to check a few things(thought it was from my boat trailer) then continued driving for another couple hours with no issue. Then it started happening again but this time a "check electronic throttle control" message came up. Since I was about 4 hours from home, I had no choice but to tow it to a nearby dealer. They pulled two codes...
P026C00 - pending - fuel injection quantity lower than expected
P029900 -active - turbo charger under boost
They called me a day later and told me all my injectors needed to be replaced for $2800. I find it hard to believe that ALL of my injectors would be shot. They said it's recommended by Chrysler that they all replaced in this scenario. The Jeep is drivable but lacks some power. I'd say it has about 85% power when I don't tow the boat.
Has anyone else had a similar issue? What did you have to do to fix it? Is there such a thing on these engines as an injector buzz test to pinpoint the exact injector that might be faulty? I told them not to replace anything because there's no way I'm paying that much. I can replace them myself when I get home if they truely all need to be replaced.
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