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DEF Issue resolution then throttle issue

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Hey all. I posted a few other threads with def and my situation. To sum it up it has been in the shop almost 80 days total.

1st time: $3k out of my pocket (Peak blue def is the devil apparently) not covered under warranty

2nd time: Used dealer for service issue came back 57 days down (covered under warranty)

Well after the last time it was in the shop I called Chrysler to start a lemon law claim. They contacted me about a week later and offered me $3k for the cost out of my pocket. I pretty much knew at that point I had a case so I contacted a lemon law attorney. Within 3 days Chrysler came back with the decision to buy my jeep back. So that is where I am at.

Also just to top off my issues, when we got it back again after the second time (after the lemon resolution) I had a warning come up stating that the throttle position sensor is out of calibration. The jeep would not move while the message was on the screen. Luckily I wasn't pulling out into an intersection when it happened because it is a good 5 seconds of no throttle response. After the message went away it accelerated uncontrollably, I was mashing the brakes to the floor and it was basically tripping the traction control system and doing a burn out for about 1 second or more. So i got lucky on that end because there was no one in front of me.

Hopefully you guys will have better luck than I. I just hope that it doesn't happen to someone else or get anyone hurt. Looks like I will be going back to ford for a truck this time (even though I did pick up a little fiat abarth for the time being).
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My dealer, Bettenhausen (yes the race family) informed me twice that MOPAR DEF is not a requirement. Once by the parts manager and once by sales. You may use any manufacturer's fluid that meets the API specs.

In the dealer provided Owner's Manual supplement (below) it specifies to only use API certified fluid. See bullet six. It does not say to use MOPAR only DEF (antifreeze, brake fluid, oil, either for that matter).

Also see note at the end. Don't keep topping off the fluid. Use it down then add it. If you keep topping if off you can have some going bad on shelf life in the new/old blend.

See a lawyer if they give you grief about using other than MOPAR DEF.

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I am going through this exact same thing with my 2014 JGC... Same DEF fluid as you used also.
well let us know what is going on. I will be going to court for the DEF issue that wasnt covered.
This is insane... I am going through the same issue. I called an attorney after Chrysler voided my entire vehicle warranty after going through the claims process. My 2014 JCG has been out of commission and at the dealership since late May/early April. After it was purchased the DEF gauge quit working, then the rest of the problems you have described followed, after a few trips to the dealership to "fix" it and a constant CEL. This seems to be a rampant issue... The dealership told me to have my insurance cover it and that they tell all of their customers to do the same. Hopefully I can get some traction, as you seem to have gotten some. Good luck.
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