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DEF on sale @ NAPA

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$10.99 for 2.5 gallons
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Amazon prime 12.99 delivered to front counter... ships free. No NAPA near me or SAMS. I keep Amazon Prime membership for business anyway.

Sometimes I read things and tend to file them away and not remember where I read them. And a point of interest that I ran across ( don't remember where ) is that less than say 2 gal will not register if the tank is close to empty. Could be more or less. That may seem odd perhaps but less than three gal. of gas in my Prius won't add any of the little blocks that tell me how full the tank is. This is addressed in the Prius owners manual so as a result I always add more than 3 gal. DEF wise.... I plan on adding in 5 or 7.5 gal increments when the "you have 500 mile" warning comes up... then replacing inventory. It is also my understanding that the tank holds 7.5 gal. And allowing for 7% expansion in the winter 5 ga. would probably be enough for us north of the MasonDixon.

My Limited shipped on the 30th and should be here sometimes next week. The DEF, floor mats and plastic Jesus are here waiting for it.

Happy new year.... The shadows are getting shorter and Ground hogs day is just a month away.
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I just saw another article that says the urea tank is 8.5 gal. For some reason I was thinking 7.5. Perhaps one of you know for sure?
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