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My husband and I purchased a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Eco Diesel back in mid 2016. At first we weren’t interested because it already had close to 67,000 miles on it but once we realized it was an eco diesel we decided to go for it. Besides having a few unrelated issues that were fixed; about 6 months after we purchased it; the check engine light started to continuously come on and shortly after the “red lightning bolt”. Over the next 2 years (leading to Christmas 2018) our Jeep had spent the majority of its life in the dealership praying they would finally figure out “what was wrong” and could fix it. Each time we took it in; they would keep it for roughly a month at a time. (We drove a rental car more than we did our Jeep). Each time we took it in; they would tell us all kinds of things. Over the course of this time; we ended up paying roughly $12,000 in repairs; eventually fully replacing the entire fuel delivery system. They would tell us stuff like there was dirt in the oil; to now there’s oil in the gas tank; etc etc etc. During all of this we had contacted Chrysler a few times requesting assistance for the ongoing issues that we paying to replace over and over again. Finally in December 2018 one of the diesel techs (he had taken 2 years off due to a back injury & had worked on our car the very first time we took it in after purchasing it) had contacted us asking if we could go in to talk to him. He informed us of the diesel emissions issues that he had discovered during his recovery. After replacing damn near just about everything except the fuel pump; we were once told again that our Jeep was finally fixed.
Everything seemed to be working pretty well on it for a few months then March of 2019 we had received an email about the FCA settlement regarding our Jeep. At first we thought it was possibly a scam email and disregarded it until we were contacted by our servicing agent at the dealership informing us that we needed to bring it in to have basically a “software update” so that we could proceed with the settlement & that it would “fix” it. So we went in and after a few hours; were told that they would submit everything. We finally drove off the lot with a small packet of paperwork telling us about the extended emissions warranty and had a long list of everything listed that fell into it.
Since then; we’ve continued to have problems. The check engine light coming on roughly every 6 months (even got a red lightning bolt twice since) forcing us to go right back to the dealership. They claim they fixed it and cleared the codes. Everything goes good again for a few months then it starts doing the lagging thing again which automatically tells us that either it’s about to tell us it’s time for a regen and to drive at highway speeds or the lights will come on forcing us right back in to the dealership. In the few years we’ve owned this vehicle; it’s only done a regen on itself maybe 5 times. All of the other times; the dealership has had to force it to do it.
Now here we are; we filled the DEF tank up (it’s already down to 170 miles left before it won’t restart) and got an oil change about a month and a half ago and since then the check engine light has come back on. Something is happening because there is absolutely no way we’ve driven enough for it to need to be refilled again. No way. When we went to the dealership to see what it’s saying; twice now they’ve told asked us “have you driven anywhere cold recently”. We’re like uh no we live in Florida 🤦🏼‍♀️
A year ago and now; it’s throwing an EGR cooling and intake code. We showed them our warranty paperwork and they then just told us 2 days ago that our warranty only covered us for 5 years or 60,000 miles; whichever came first. We are barely over the mileage (we were told several times over the last few years that this car is meant to be driven & doesn’t do well when just driven around town constantly). It’s our family car; our road tripping vehicle.
We just contacted the 800 number for the FCA asking about everything and informing them that the diesel emissions has not been fixed during this entire process. They opened a new case but looked back at our settlement case that was just closed out exactly a year ago. The agent said that she saw a ton of email correspondence with a ton of people yet only 1 was sent to us towards the end of 2019 & she said she saw where we responded letting them know that we had completed all of requirements and to please let us know if we needed to do anything else. She said the correspondence with us stopped at our email back then our case was closed out. She reached out to the main agent that sent us the email and said that we’d be getting a call back from her.
Then we found an article about a recall on the 2014-2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco Diesel due to the EGR cooler causing the engine to crack and catch fire. Not once have we been informed nor has the dealership said anything to us about it. But yet they have told us twice now that it’s tossing an EGR cooler code yet all they’ve said was have you driven anywhere cold recently. What the?!?! Then all they did was clear the code and told us not to worry about it; it can happen when the temps change. (We had gotten a little cold front for a few days during that time) Now I absolutely refuse to drive our car. Not to work, not to the store, not anywhere. Especially even more so not with our children in the car. In fear it’ll catch fire.
We absolutely refuse to keep tossing money at this car to fix this issue when it’s been happening over & over and they are highly aware of the situation yet still haven’t fixed it.
Is anyone else still having problems with their Eco Diesel Grand Cherokee?
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