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I have
I have a 2014 GC. Diesel exhaust filter is 100% full (due to no fault of my own) and now I HAVE to take it to the dealer per my warning light.

I have read up on the power train warranty and Emissions warranty (8 year or 80k miles). My question is, has anyone had any success in having the dealership honor the emissions warranty to service the exhaust filter? According the EPA the diesel particulate filters are considered catalyctic converters by the EPA which means, they should be covered. Anyone have any luck with this argument?


I have a 2015. Around 80,000 miles I started getting the "exhaust regeneration in progress" 100 miles later (on a trip) I get "Exhaust Filter nearing Full" I took it in and they said that the "Regen" should have taken care of it but they could " burn it out"
Nobody mentioned money. After they finished I was given a bill for $140. "Oh, that's not covered under warranty. (I had bought the extended 100,000 warranty) I growled and paid. Two months later the "Update emissions thing" came out and I took it in for that. Now at 102,000 miles I often get the regen message but it seems to clean itself.
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