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And the diesel stories continue! To start, I LOVE my 2015 GC diesel. But our local dealer is making it harder and harder to do this!
I did the recall, V08, which they charged me for some BS part I still can't figure out. They stated they needed to replace it before the Jeep could be updated on the software. This was done at 39k miles a in Feb 2020. Now, I have the "Exhaust filter full" warning. Took it back in, and they stated it was not a warranty issue because I have a fuel filter that is 100% plugged (only 5500 miles on it) and "bad viscosity in the oil". And they are the ones that do the oil changes at $190 a pop!
I asked to speak to the service manager about it, trying to understand how my oil viscosity is tied to the exhaust filter being full, but no return calls, and no one in the office when I go by.
So after a few days, I am picking up the Jeep, and paying the $590 to get it out of there!!
On a side note, I did talk to Jeep Customer care, and the representative was very scripted, and basically stated, they are a franchise dealer, and Jeep has NO control over how they run their service department.
I am sooo disappointed in Jeep, I have never had a manufacturer refuse to work with a dealer to resolve an issue.
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