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Diesel jeep sales dropping since 2014

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Anyone know the reason why the diesel jeeps dropped so much year over year since 2014?

according to the EPA

2014 = 14,652 units
2015= 8421 units
2016= 2469 units (projected)


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Just to hazard a guess, $4500 for the diesel engine option is pricey, especially given that diesel fuel costs the same or a little more than gasoline. A coworker bought a 2015 GC after I bought my 14 GC diesel, and she expressly didn't want a diesel, even though she had to end up ordering hers to get the color she wanted and the dealership here in town had a diesel in her color. You'd have to keep the vehicle a long time for the fuel economy that the diesel provides to pay off the cost of the engine option. I knew what I was getting into having had VW diesels in the past, and I intend to keep this vehicle until it falls apart, so that was an ok tradeoff for me.
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Very simple answer, No Inventory to buy! Last year in August, I wanted a Pearl White Summit 4 x 4 Diesel. There was one in the entire country! A Grand Total of 1 to choose from! And since then, it has only gotten worse! Mine has been trouble free and I have several friends tht have Diesel Jeeps and their's have been trouble free! Awaiting the promised changes in the EPA! Time will tell!
The only reason I got my Diesel was because the dealer seems to have lost the inventory number and had a Diesel Ram with the Stock number, the guy went to grab the truck for me to look at and he said... well it's a jeep didn't know we had it... So happens Black on Black would be my choice anyways so I snagged it.
None of this is correct, even though you've cross posted it in about 5 or 6 different threads.

For the record, I have a 2014 with almost 37000 miles on it now, purchased brand new on 7/5/2014 with 5 miles on the odometer, and aside from the catalytic converter replacement that everyone else has had (it was a recall) I've not had a single problem with the vehicle. Does that make mine special? Or is it just that sometimes, someone gets a bad vehicle?
The answer you seek from me can already be found on this very forum... The EPA has not certified the 2017 MY EcoDiesel engine because of undisclosed emissions control software found in the 2014-2016 model year engines.

Oh Great! FCA under EPA investigation on 3.0 Ecos
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