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Disappointed with Gas Mileage - First 2000 miles

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During the first 1000 miles, averaged 18 mpg with gentle driving...but over the past few days, towed a 5x8 enclosed trailer to AZ from CO (1000 miles )--- with 500 lb motorcycle and miscellaneous household goods --and averaged 14.9mpg. This is the same MPG I get out of my 2007 Ford F350 when I make this trip fully packed with the same trailer.

The vehicle has plenty of power and tows beautifully, but I thought with cruise control set at 80 and 2100 rpm's it would do better than this.

Any thoughts out there re break-in, etc?. Am I alone in this experience?
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Has your mileage improved? If not, take the rig into the dealer and have them run diagnostics on the engine and tranny. Our 4x4 Limited is getting close to 30mpg all the time. Towing a 5'x8' trailer with 800 pounds reduced mileage to 25mpg, but on relatively flat traveling and at 55mph. If you are only getting 18, well, something's wrong in Kansas, Toto.
Doesn't seem right either. Certainly towing and going 80mph isn't going to turn around amazingly good numbers, but 14.x is down right bad even so. I'd be uspet too and would want Jeep to look into it as well.
I have towed with a variety of vehicles over the past 25+ year.

The biggest reason for bad fuel economy 99% of the time is the drivers right foot, I know first hand because I am guilty of this too.

I takes 4 times as much power to drive at 80 then it does at 40

Double the speed the power required is 4X and it takes more fuel to make that power.

Next killer is the frontal area of the tow vehicle and the trailer.

Try seting the cruise at 65 mph on level ground and do 50 to 80 miles of non stop driving and see what your MPG , if it still bad then see the dealer.
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