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DPF 100% full message after tuning

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Hello everyone. I’ve had my 2015 Grand Cherokee eco diesel now for about 8 months and got a message for PDF full. I’ve been driving diesels exclusively for about 20 years so I new right away I wanted to get it tuned.

So long story short I took it in for a Malone tune and deletes and I am incredibly happy with the performance and economy. However the DPF message stayed and takes over the cluster. It’s very annoying. The shop that tuned it didn’t seem to know much but said the fault is not stored in the ecu but in the cluster. Is this just a fault that needs to be reset with a code reader? I’m new to Jeep and all things domestic for that matter. My BMWs had similar faults and went away after tuning and same with an mk5 vw I had a few years ago. Also I’ve never used Malone before. So I’m not sure if it’s the truck or the tune. Any help is appreciated.
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