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2014 Grand Cherokee limited, 110,988 miles, original DPF, only the regular maintenance done. No wrenches turned on the motor, ever. I've tried every product I could find to help get the filter to clean out. 7 different brands, in some cases a couple of products from the same brand. Issues started at 60,000 miles, I've had to do this treatment once a year,
Only one worked, some had effects on mileage and power.... but only hot shots diesel extreme USED ACCORDING TO INSTRUCTIONS for 5 tank fills eliminates the code and CEL, it restored power and mileage.
The other thing I learned is, you must get the motor up to temp and down a highway regularly. If your driving is short trips and lots of idling, buy a gas powered jeep, your asking for trouble if you don't. understand how this motor needs to work and it will purr.
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