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I was searching and didn't find anything so apologies if this was covered under another thread in the forum.

I recently purchased a used GC ED and first time diesel owner. Love the jeep. But not long into it threw error service electronic throttle control [did this twice] and the CEL came on not long after initial trip to dealer. I dont have the error code from the CEL with me, something with a temperature sensor. At any rate, what they wound up doing was replacing the ECM under warranty. I have searched and not found this as something common, so was wondering if anyone else come across this. Another interesting thing since this replacement is MPG is less that before. Is this because the computer is relearning?

I purchased this as a certified pre-owned, so oil was changed prior to purchase, dodge/jeep dealer. And I just changed the fuel filters recently, so just odd with post poor MPG. Since it was just done, for instance im relying on the computer, not hand calculated [which i know is not 100%] but is showing a significant drop. I am waiting to go through the tank of fuel and can hand calculate. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.
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