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Hi all-
I’m new here and I’m trying to get some advice and perspective on a situation I’m having.

I purchased 2014 Jeep GC EcoDiesel a couple months ago. Drove it about 3,000 miles in a month and everything was going great... until one day while driving at 70 on the highway, the engine started to overheat enough to where the power stopped being transferred to the engine. I immediately pulled over and notice coolant spewed all over the engine bay and ground. I had the vehicle towed to a local Pepboys in my area. They diagnosed the problem as a bad thermostat. Had the thermostat replaced and I was back on the road in 24 hours.

Immediately after picking up the car, I took to the highway, where again, 20 minutes after leaving the mechanic the engine started to overheat to excess. I immediately pulled over and had the car towed back to Pepboys to find out what the issue was.

After about a week of my car sitting at PepBoys I called to see what the issue was.. they told me they really didn’t know what was causing the issue and suggested I take it to a Jeep dealer for further inspection. This is also when they told me “we don’t really work on Diesel engines”. Obviously now I’m even more frustrated, but at any rate I had the car towed to Jeep.

After about a day Jeep has called me saying that the engine was seized and needed to be replaced, quoting me at $11,000 for parts, not including the labor involved. This is when I called the dealer whom I purchased the car from. They told me they’d prefer to have one of their mechanics look at the car to officially determine a direction to proceed.

Again, my Jeep was towed to a third location, where this guy didn’t know what the issue was. Finally, after arriving at a 4th and final location, the mechanic said “it’s not worth me taking the engine apart and dissecting it.. Agra’s all that’s said and done, you might as well replace the engine”.

The original dealer is giving me $2,000 (max payout for their warranty) and I’m out a little over $7,000 for a replacement engine (brand new from Chrysler).

I know this is long, but has anyone ever heard of an issue like this with this particular engine? Also, does anyone believe I have a case against someone to get some money back?

Thanks for all replies and sorry for the long post!
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