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Ecodiesel Check Engine Light P20EE and P1288

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I have a 2015 Jeep Ecodiesel I've had new since 10/16. Just under 25000 miles. Had my first CEL in January. It was P2BA9 (bad def detected). It was -25f that week, and I was making small trips. It cleared up on it own.

Today I was about 55 miles from home and P20EE came in, then shortly after a stop at the store P1288 came in. Does anyone have any insight into these codes?
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I believe P20EE is the code that came on when my catalytic converter needed to be replaced. (catalyst below threshold) I confirmed by looking at my service record. I have a 2014 and this became a recall - I'd check with your dealer.
Getting new catalytic converter. 25k miles, I average 52 highway miles a day, tow a boat in the summer. Build date 2/15, bought new 10/16.
That's about how many miles I had on mine when the catalytic converter had to be replaced. I'm at about 36000 miles now and I've had no issues since the cat replacement.
Got my new cat about 700 miles ago. My CEL came in tonight. P20EE again. Anyone heard of this after getting a new catalytic converter?
Getting a new DEF injector. Asked the service writer if the 3/4 and 1 tons are having the same emission system issues or is it just an Ecodiesel problem. He said, "yes, most people with 3/4 and 1 tons are going to 75-80k miles then doing a DEF system delete. Then we never see them again because they have no more issues."
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